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India is a mosaic of multicultural experiences. With a rich heritage and myriad attractions, the country is among the finest destinations for a holistic vacation. Extending from the snow-covered Himalayan heights to the tropical rain forests of the south, India is home to spectacular landscapes – long stretches of coastline; expansive hot, cold and white salt deserts; dense forests; alpine meadows and lakes, serene ghats and largest tiger reserve. India is known for its monuments and edifices that display the fine architecture and grandiose of different eras in the country.

An adventurous outing is not everyone’s cup of tea. Not all are born in the world with the same appetite for climbing up the hills, skating on the snow, or having a trek through dense jungles during monsoon! Unfavorable weather conditions and location issues often prevent people from undertaking adventure tours. This is however, not the case with India, the country has enough resources to offer adventure trips to the interested tourists.

Asia is a paradise with no dearth of ways to explore the giant hills and valleys, waters, and the beaches. Top forms of adventure sports in India take place on the coasts. You have water sports and beach activities in Goa and Mumbai.

In trekking and camping, India has surpassed many other countries with its improved facilities. Tourists from across the world today are part of the opportunities laid out by the country on adventure grounds. There are campgrounds even around the Banerghatta National Park in Bangalore where tourists enjoy the wildlife collection along with a campfire for the night.

Darjeeling, the foothills of the Himalayas is just another place adding to the glory of the nation. The hills are famous for trekking trips and rock climbing. Mountaineering in India is a varied form of tourism that has influenced travelers from other countries. The Himachal Hills are favorite for mountaineering activities.

Satisfy yourself with a camel safari in the wilderness of Rajasthan. The Camel Safari Tours in the state of Rajasthan has emerged as an adventurous journey. The tall animals with hump back take you around the land of the rajas and maharajas through the vast Thar Desert. River rafting in Arunachal Pradesh with cave trekking in Bhutan can be an amazing combo.

Wildlife has remained a major part in India tourism. The national parks in the country offer lovely safaris and jeep tours. You can come across a tiger in the Corbett National Park, Kaziranga national Park, or the Coringa Wildlife Sanctuary. Adventure tours and travel packages include activities like skiing, paragliding, camping, and scuba diving.

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